SGHR Sugahara

KIKINO:SHIN - Clear, 6.6oz



(inch) : W2.3 x H3.2

Volume (oz) : 6.6

(mm) : W59 x H82

Volume (ml) : 195

Taste it, feel it遯カスヲ this whole moment brings you the feel of 遯カ蜉エapan.遯カ

The Kikino collection gives you a passing thought of rice farmers and sake breweries, where sakes exquisite flavor comes from.

The small glass of eight different styles, helps reach the full flavor potential of sake. Each has the properties to enjoy its high alcohol percentage, which is sensitive to a change in temperature.

Kikino collection allows you to experience Japanese sake遯カ蜀ア broad range of flavor and diverse ways to enjoy it.

Relish Japan.


Enjoy Yamahai-shikomi, Kimoto and Koshu

Yamahai-shikomi, Kimoto and Koshu are three types of sake that are traditionally slightly aged. The Shin遯カ蜀ア round shape is broad enough to comfortably swirl the sake, which releases the complex aromas while balancing the mellow taste and the rich sourness.

Our glassware is individually handcrafted by our artisans and each piece is one of a kind. The item you receive may look slightly different from what you see online. A few small bubbles or lines may occur due to the nature of the material.

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