SAKI - Bowl Blue Frosted, 4.4inch



(inch) : W4.4 x H3.0 

(mm) : W112 x H75


With the glasses that have the gold rim and the delicate silhouette like a petal being nested, this elegant flower sake set blooms on your table at cocktail hour. Those two smallest glasses (his and hers!) are sized just right for the sake poured from the biggest bowl that can be used as a sake decanter while two middle ones double as bowls for your snacks, too. Each piece is handcrafted by master artisans with meticulous attention to every detail so they nest nicely. It comes in a beautiful paulownia wooden box, which is traditionally used as a gift box in Japan. This set can be used for wine as well and will make a perfect wedding or housewarming gift!

*Available to be sold as a set or individually

Our glassware is individually handcrafted by our artisans and each piece is one of a kind. The item you receive may look slightly different from what you see online. A few small bubbles or lines may occur due to the nature of the material.

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