SGHR Sugahara

TEN TEN TEN (Gwenael Nicolas x SGHR) - Clear, 10.1oz



(inch) : W3.1 x H4.0

Volume (oz) : 10.1

(mm) : W80 x H102

Volume (ml) : 300

The TEN TEN TEN glassware was designed by an interior/product designer, Gwenael Nicolas (CURIOSITY INC.) and handmade by SGHR Sugahara as the first commercialized product from his TEN TEN TEN Collection. The concept of TEN TEN TEN is that the cylindrical objects in the collection are aligned with a 70 degree inclination. With this slight angle, even static objects can become dynamic, which promotes immediate curiosity the moment the objects are placed, displayed, picked up and used. This simple expression creates a visual and emotional interaction between objects and users. It also encourages a dialogue between users and creators through each perspective. SGHR Sugahara expressed their affinity towards Nicolas’ philosophy with its distinguished craftsmanship and realized the idea with glassware in this iconic form. There are two vareties including the rock glass and the tumbler, available in three colors. SGHR Sugahara is expected to continue expanding creations for TEN TEN TEN, as “infinity” is a meaning derived from the namesake of this collection.

Our glassware is individually handcrafted by our artisans and each piece is one of a kind. The item you receive may look slightly different from what you see online. A few small bubbles or lines may occur due to the nature of the material.

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